Coughing Up Two Lungs (2008 Demo)

by Gregory Mendez

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songs recorded 2007-2008


released February 27, 2008

all songs written by Gregory Mendez
sung, played, and recorded by Gregory Mendez
except trumpets on My Glassy Eyes played by Brian Honsinger



all rights reserved
Track Name: Coughing Up Two Lungs
everybody knows or thinks that they know that most of the time you're alive you're tired everybody knows or thinks that they know that most of the time you're alive you'll shine goddamn the bright lights
Track Name: Strangers
a paper bag with cut out holes does nothing to make you unnoticeable a fly on the wall blowing steam cause you can't see that nothing you do or say makes it rain makes it change strangers all sitting lined up on the sidewalk the air tasted stale as the silence settled down and it's nice to know that there's nothing more to say
Track Name: I've Got Something To Say
i've got nothing to say
Track Name: Song For Fall
if i could move my feet to whatever you're moving your hips and your shoulders and head to then maybe i'd be able to sing to whatever your vocal chords are vibrating to softly then loudly i'll say it's all decayed and if i could fall like the leaves in the autumn so gracefully willing to die before winter's snow then maybe i'd be able to rotate around the sun and listen to everyone softly then loudly i'll say i'm gonna change
Track Name: Constant Noise
dripping water aggravates me reminds me of the sound of your voice constant noise repeating the same point i traced the pipes back to the source and i couldn't find a reason well of course it's such a chore just cause you never did yours there's some complications if you don't know what you're saying please don't lie because i'm gonna find you out filling up with frustrations cause the water won't stop it'll only make more noise
plugged the faucet with a cork may be a while but it's gonna burst don't know what's worse please tell me when you settle down
Track Name: I Didn't Know I Was So Certain
i got sick to my stomach today squeezed my brain out through my nose my joints are burning down they're up in flames my tongue has lost its words along the way if i could cough out all the scenes in me they'd be a green splash on the road the city's scars replaced by trees above me stars shooting in every backyard ripped the clothes off my back and you'd smack me if i didn't take you back i won't take you back at least i hope not and you would flap your arms and hover faltering like distant stars above you mimicking the headlights of cars shining naked through the dark i didn't know i was so certain it's a contradiction i didn't know i was so certain
Track Name: My Glassy Eyes
my glassy eyes cannot see clearly though they are clear everything around them is fuzzy like a reflection in some water my glassy eyes cannot see clearly and i'd throw them away if it weren't for that one time when you told me they look so pretty and you fixed me with a stare overwhelming and i couldn't fall asleep until mourning